Monday, April 22, 2013

Pillow Friends

I am loving these tot pillows right now! If Gavin could talk he would tell me to get him 10! Click HERE to check out the Mine shop to get yours! 
The pictures say it all! These puppies are c-u-t-e!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Dining room in the works...

This saturday we painted our accent room in the dining room. Now that painting is checked off the list, we still have to build the cabinets around the washer and dryer (to disguise them as a buffet), then order a bench and chair for our table nook, put up our pictures, our world map (super stoked ont his cause we are tagging all the places w have been together, then as a family in different colors), and finally get come awesome accent pillows for the booth section of our nook. Getting excited! Here are some sneaks of inspiration and a shot of our teal wall.

Ohh and did i mention we are starting to grade the front yard n 2 weeks! Wahoo! Our little humble home is making progress on the inside and out!
Images: 1-2-3 & 4 (can you tell i like west elm?)

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wedge Window Shopping

I am on the hunt for a great back wedge. I thought i would share some of the wonderful shoes i found along the way. Still on the look out for black. I am especially in love with the Jessica Simpson wedges (the second image down), but have too many brown wedges already....hmmm maybe if they go on sale though...Do you have any recommendations for some cute black wedges? I am looking for a pair with a wooden or cork wedge. 

images: 1-2-3

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer time is coming!

So here is the thing with summertime. I LOVE it, but when it comes so does visiting family, me taking time out to go to the beach, and trying to squeeze in work along with being a wife and a mother to seriously the cutest baby boy ever (OK so i know I am partial cause he is mine...hehe).
I apologize for those who keep checking back and thinking "man this chick hasn't posted in awhile!" FAIL on my part right?! Well, here is to starting my keeping up with everything plus fitting in my bikini workouts and  blogging regularly! Happy Tuesday and for those who are on the central coast today, ENJOY THE SUN!